Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC) is a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Illinois.  We are a congregation that is unswervingly committed to the faithful teaching and preaching of the Word of God.   We are also a family of joyful Christians who earnestly desire to serve the risen Christ and one another.

We meet every Sunday morning and evening in order to worship God in a way that is glorifying to him, to be strengthened in faith by hearing Christ proclaimed from the Scriptures, and to be sent into the world to bear witness through lives that have been transformed by the gospel.

Are you looking for a place where the Bible is taught and believed, and where God is worshiped with reverence and awe?  Are you interested in learning more about God and his Word? We cordially invite you to join us.


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Grace Presbyterian Church is a part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The OPC is a conservative Presbyterian denomination established in 1936 to maintain and defend the Bible as the Word of God.